About Us

ePACE (Projects Appraisal & Continuing Enhancements) is an online tool to monitor and improve the progress of works at the click of a button. The initiative captures the static and dynamic information for all the projects executed by MORTH, NHAI and NHIDCL. The information captured is across the lifecycle of the projects starting from inception till its completion. 

The system has role based access and would allow capturing of the project information and would help in monitoring and acclerating the pace of the projects. The tool would allow supervisory levels to set monthly/yearly targets and enable field units/staff to update the information in realtime. More than 1200 projects data has so far been entered. Once the data is captured in its entirety, the information would be available in public domain. 

MIS in various forms would also help the stakeholders to cull out the necssary information in the ways they want. This would also be a precurser to develop over the top applications through crowd sourcing wherein project photographs/videos can be uploaded to collate and compare the official information.